Baris Cakir & VOLB3X – ‘LOCO’

Baris Cakir

The gangster house music visionary VOLB3X comes together with emerging Turkish producer Baris Cakir for their new banger ‘Loco‘ out now on SSL Music. Its catchy vocals and ethnic melodies are met with slappy bass lines to give this masterpiece fresh summer energy.

“After my latest ethnic release Lost In Your Eyes, I was so far away from the ethnical sounds for a long time. I knew that my fans are waiting for a new track that sounds like it but I’m back with the same vibes but more fun and enjoyable! We were looking for a new style for us with Baris and when we came together we created this Anatolian Spanish beauty. It was really fun for me to create this kind of commercial deep house/pop music.”


“In ‘Loco‘, we tried to create a vibe that provides high motivation and energy to the listeners. You gonna love to listen to this record, especially on the roads. I hope you will reach the highest motivation in your activity such as doing sports or driving with this Spanish banger.”

Baris Cakir

“I’ve been working with VOLB3X for more than 3 years and we have reached a remarkable global success with his releases like ‘Dark Light‘, ‘Bam Bam‘, or ‘The Next Episode‘. I can say that he is the best underground gangster house producer in Turkey for me. When I first heard this track from him, I directly said ‘It was the long awaited track of VOLB3X!’ ‘Loco’ is a perfect radio-friendly track for the Mediterranean market. It starts with its catchy vocals and slappy basses, on the drop after the chorus, amazing loud melodies came in, and dancing time started!“

Mert Sesli